Codezi PABX Connecting Customers & Co-Workers

Codezi PABX Connecting Customers & Co-Workers

Small Business Pabx System

A PABX allows organizations to use more phone units than their physical phone lines. Companies just need to assign extension numbers to each telephone unit. Moreover, PABX users can have internal calls for free.

The following basic functions are available in most PABX systems:

  • Auto Attendant (Digital Receptionist): Automatically connects callers to the target extension number. It uses a simple menu.
  • Automatic Ring Back: Enables users to pre-dial a busy phone line and receive a ring back as soon as the line is free.
  • Call Forwarding: Lets admins route incoming calls based on specific criteria.
  • Call Parking: Allows users to put an ongoing call on hold in one telephone unit. They can then continue the conversation on another device.
  • Call Pick-up: Lets staff pick up and answer an incoming call for a different recipient.
  • Call Queueing: Allows staff to create a system for routing calls to specific ring groups.
  • Call Recording: Used for call recording for legal, documentation, monitoring, training, or other purposes.
  • Call Transfer: Enables a user to hand off a live call to another user or extension.
  • Call Waiting: Lets users handle many ongoing calls at the same time.
  • Conference Call: Also called Audio Tele-Conference. You’ll want it when you need to speak with more than one party.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND): Blocks incoming calls to a specific extension.
  • Direct Dial-In: Allows callers to bypass IVRs or auto attendants. Users can make a direct connection to the intended number.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Works like an upgraded auto attendant. Companies use it for account inquiries, product information requests, and other purposes.
  • Ring Groups: Add several extension numbers into a group. It instructs phones to ring in sequence or at the same time when a specific call comes in.
  • Speed Dialing: Use shortcuts for extension numbers. This makes it easier to remember the contact information of key staff or departments.
  • Voicemail: Provide callers with the option to leave a voicemail message to ensure you can follow-up.

Hotel PABX System

Codezi’s easy to manage hotel PBX enables you to provide guests with high-end service minus the high cost. The hotel phone system is optimized for internal, guest to front desk communication, with additional features such as wake up call scheduling, do not disturb and easy check out. Personalized caller ID, easy billing and more allow hotel staff to streamline the guest experience for a pleasant, hassle free service from check in to check out. Empower hotel staff to efficiently manage guest requests, coordinate with internal employees and deliver accurate information across departments. Meanwhile, give guests the 5-star experience with the multiple in-room features and seamless integration with hotel management systems. Save on costs and system management, optimize staff communication, and ensure those positive TripAdvisor reviews keep rolling in. Get started with Codezi’s easy to manage hotel PBX.