Codezi Cloud POS software for your retail store

Codezi Cloud POS Management System

Fully Cloud Full-sync: sell everywhere

With our cloud based POS software, your retail stores, products, customers and orders are automatically synced everywhere. You’ll no longer need to keep multiple product records or rely on guesswork when it comes to inventory. In fact, Codezi keeps track of all your transactions and updates every little detail across all stores, registers and sales channels seamlessly.

1-100+ Stores

with our POS you can use 1-100+ stores in aground the World

Cloud POS on-the-go.

IOS, android, Windows, Ubuntu support all OS systems, anywhere cloud-based POS software. Keep your data secure and available to view in real-time.

Useful analytics & Reports on your Codezi cloud POS

With all sales channels and retail data available from one platform, gain the transparency you always wanted with Codezi’s intelligent business analytics. Use our Report dashboard to review sales, customer profiles or overall business performances. Above all, make better decisions with Codezi’s cloud-based POS.