CCTV Security Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

CCTV Security Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

Do It Better Yourself and Save Thousands!  The choice is clear.  Customers work with us because we provide superior quality surveillance systems at better prices.  We provide free support so when you do have questions about the installation or functionality of our systems we are more than happy to help. All systems are simple to install and come with a free cell phone app enabling you the ability to use all system features such as free upgrades, live monitoring, advanced motion alerts, and surveillance analytics with no monthly or subscription fees – ever.

We do repairs and upgrading to your existing CCTV system

If you have an older system and cameras, you may not be getting very much value from your CCTV monitoring. IP-based megapixel systems can greatly improve your security. Here are the top three reasons you should upgrade your CCTV System.

Higher Image Quality

The best quality for a CCTV system will come with megapixel cameras. There is little evidentiary value in blurry or grainy footage from traditional cameras and CCTV systems. Megapixel technology gives security teams the ability to zoom in on facial details.

Outdated Technology Is More Costly

Relying on outmoded technology not only leaves you with less than the best image quality but because it often uses obsolete compression it can dive storage costs up .

Mobile Access

Being able to monitor your system anytime- anywhere is more than just a convenience. Updating your CCTV System will allow you to have mobile access to your security footage and view what’s happening in real time from your mobile device. This also allows you to have a remote monitoring site or connect your CCTV system to your monitoring partner.

Do you need a repair?

Our expert technical team will come to your door step and do it for you.